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Federal Subsidies for Corn Ethanol and Other Corn-Based Biofuels | Taxpayers for Common Sense

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  • When the line break comes at the end of a phrase, sentence, or clause, the line is end-stopped. When the line break disrupts the phrase, sentence, or clause, the line is enjambed. The French word enjambement, from which 'enjambment' is derived, means 'straddling,' and appropriately, the phrases straddle two or more lines. Jump to content. Who Benefits? In Corn Ethanol, Ken Glozer presents the history, the promises, and the truth about federal corn ethanol policy.

    He found only one: the policy does indeed create jobs in rural areas of the ten largest corn-producing states in the Midwest but possibly reduces rural employment nationwide. He bases this conclusion on a Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration EIA forecast showing that a competitive market policy for ethanol delivers two-thirds the ethanol of the mandate quantity without the huge federal budget costs and consumer costs associated with current ethanol policy.