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Klook is a man on the path of true rehabilitation. When we meet Klook he has reached a point of stability in his life… monotonic stability. Romance offers him a change of pace; a rush, akin to but outside of the shifty activity that he was once accustomed. So how do you go about discovering this character? And do you identify with him at all? Finding grounded truth in the poetry was a big part of discovering the inner workings of Klook.

He has a way of allowing the rehearsal space to have a certain levity while also keeping the necessary pace. Adjusting to that flow led to a relaxed yet focused environment.

Working in a small cast has advantages and disadvantages that are sometimes one in the same. All of the storytelling is on two people. In this situation we are very fortunate to like, respect, and trust each other so the good has definitely outweighed the challenging. Not to mention an extremely supportive and able bodied Horizon Theatre giving us everything we needed to do our work to the best of our ability.

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In theatre, even one wo man shows are a collaborative effort. For any aspiring actors and musicians out there, what advice would you give them? This play is about love, fate, destiny and karma. It beautifully captures the good, bad and ugly that comes with trying to outrun your personal history. I always describe Vinette as a caged bird. And do you identify with her at all? It takes a lot of mutual respect and trust to get through a piece this intimate. And does it matter?

I watched it every single night, and never got enough of it. I loved it. Perhaps audiences arrive with different expectations if they buy a ticket for a musical. The Ballad of Klook and Vinette is mixture of drama, spoken word, and jazz. Is it a play with songs?

I hope you come and see. We are thrilled to be hosting post-show discussions with experts in the field who are knowledgeable about sexual exploitation and trafficking in Atlanta and Georgia. Join us and become part of this important dialogue.

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Meet the company! Now, as a playwright apprentice at Horizon, he looks forward to expanding his knowledge as a writer and as a professional artist. He also has an interest in mixing music and DJing in the future. After the apprenticeship program, Felix hopes to pursue an M. She attended the University of Georgia, where she had the opportunity to study abroad in London, and recently graduated with a B. Miranda also regularly practices yoga, and aspires to become a certified instructor. She graduated from Spelman College this year with a B. She enjoys dancing and writing plays centered around social activism from a feminist perspective.

He attended Greensboro College and is currently working towards obtaining in M. After graduating, Jerron relocated to Atlanta where he continues to pursue his career as an actor, playwright, and director. Jerron is also interested in pursuing motivational speaking in the future.

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Check out www. She also worked with the the team at Echo Theater in L. She received her B. Heather also enjoys the visual arts, and has a passion for painting, crocheting, and creating collages using mixed mediums. She has recently relocated to Atlanta from Orlando where she resided for the last year to live out her childhood dream of working in Walt Disney World. Jocie currently works remotely as a story analyst for Readers Unlimited providing coverage on screenplays and teleplays in addition to relentlessly coercing her hands to transfer the rest of her own untold stories to paper.

Russell is also an athlete, and competes in regional tournaments for racquetball. There are several ways to play minute to win it games depending on how many players, large or small groups and time limits of your party.

Against the Clock 2. Team Minute to Win It 3. Group Minute to Win It 1. Against the Clock - Individual players will compete against the clock 1 minute for each game. Make up a giant score card with players names across the top and the challenges down the side. Record everyones times in the scorecard for each game. After all the games have been played tally up the scores and give out funny prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

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For small parties each player can take their turn individually. For large groups or parties see the below ways to play minute to win it games. Divide the players into equal teams of 2, 3 or 4 players depending on how many are playing the games. Before each game team members will draw numbers to see who will compete against who during the game.

The first set of players competes against each other and the best score wins points. Divide the kids into equal number groups. Then have each groups move through the stations that are already set up with the Minute To Win It game supplies. Have enough supplies for each game that every group can play their game at the same time. Have a timekeeper at each station to record everyones times. After the minute is over and the scores have been recorded groups rotate to the next station.

Great for school and church groups, family reunions and large parties. At the end when all the groups have visitied every station tally up the points and award fun prizes for the top point winners. Have the kids either in groups or individually try to put one of the cereal box puzzles back together. Front of different types of breakfast cereal boxes Candy Corn Stack See who can stand the most pieces of candy corn upright before a minute is finished. Candy corn Card Throw Cut a watermelon in half and make the juicy side face the player.

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They need to throw a card in such a way that it will stick into the watermelon. The one who sticks the most cards wins. Deck of cards Watermelons Cereal Bracelets See who can thread the most fruit loops onto a pipe cleaner only using one hand. Give everyone one minute to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. Cotton balls Vaseline Plates Cotton Ball Scoop Set an empty bowl on a table and sprinkle small cotton balls around the bowl.

Fill one of the bowls with cotton balls and put it on their lap. Have them try to keep both balloons in the air for 1 minute. To make this even more difficult, have them use only one hand to keep the balloons in the air. The player that blows all of the cards off of the bottle except for the Joker in under a minute wins! Cauliflower, broth, and farro cook over a low simmer before you mix in beans and fresh herbs in this one-dish wonder. Master the art of this creamy shallot-thyme pan sauce, and your fall nights will be infinitely better. Spoon it over pork chops, steaks and roasted chicken thighs for a hit of peppery decadence.

Corn kernels, bell peppers, and fresh thyme leaves add pops of fall colors to a package of store-bought ravioli. Topped with fried sage and shiitake mushrooms, this pumpkin bowl of comfort made with onions, nutmeg, and fresh ginger is the ultimate sophisticated soup. Take advantage of the fall harvest by substituting squash for carb-heavy pasta. Stock your pantry with canned chickpeas, crushed tomatoes, chicken broth and cured Spanish chorizo, so you're always ready to make this flavor-packed, minute stew.

With the temps dropping, it makes sense to stay inside and cook up some homemade pasta with your amore. If you want a bowl stat , though, opt for store-bought noodles. Because this frittata features so much mozzarella, marinara and kale, it's easy to serve up eggs and call it dinner. This combination of roasted cauliflower and marinated kale is brought to a whole new level with the addition of sweet golden raisins, crunchy pine nuts and sharp pieces of feta.

Swap out the chicken broth for vegetable broth and this satisfying soup becomes vegan, instantly. Skip the jarred marinara sauce and spread tapenade on your crust before piling on the toppings. Pizza night just got a lot more interesting. This recipe is ideal for Monday Night Football: The beef brisket cooks up in the Crock Pot while you're at the office, so all you have to do is shred the meat and top with sauerkraut and sliced Swiss when you get home.

Transform your fridge's odds and ends think: leftover roasted squash, apples, carrots and salami into tonight's dinner. Cut everything into pieces, then toss with kale and arugula greens.

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Latkes are so delicately delicious we shouldn't have to wait for Hanukkah to eat them. Pie is fine and all, but you should really be using that buttery pastry dough as the base of tonight's dinner. Exhibit A: This cheesy, savory main.

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Pop lightly salted kale leaves in the oven for a crispy, tasty treat that just happens to be healthy. Thanks to creamy coconut milk and rich vegetable stock, no one would ever know that this hearty squash bowl is actually vegan. Don't worry, we can keep it our little secret. Cute mini meatloaves, with a side of sweet and spicy apple wedges, are so much better than your mama's main loaf. No need to make cornbread and chili — in a cast iron skillet you can make both at once, a la chicken pot pie.