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Mar 04, Writerlibrarian rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , noir , readbefore This was read before I gave up reading violence against women and gruesome killing. Still, Lieberman is a master storyteller and this cat, that cat and mouse chase between a psychotic killer, his copycat and the detective trying to grab them both is thrilling to the very end.

Jan 03, Howard rated it really liked it. Just excellent.

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The problem I have with de mille, balducci sp , and many others is that they weave a good tale but don't know how to end a book. Mar 05, Jenny Weigand rated it really liked it. Mouth dropping end! Loved it. Apr 14, Brett added it. Sep 14, Carolyne Borel rated it liked it Shelves: thriller. Lieberman's thriller are always very good, but i was really disappointed with the twist in this one. I won't say more for those who haven't read the book! Dec 22, Stephanie rated it liked it.

Many nobles are already in deep contact with them. They hire them in order to kill their enemies or to achieve certain goals. No matter how skilled they are, they will be found dead covered in a pool of blood. The situation has become far too dangerous. We have no way to defend ourselves from their daggers that strikes from the shadows.

The only reason our kingdom is still intact is because they are satisfied with their current position.

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But what if they forget who they are and turn on us? We have to avoid this at all cost. If you are still hesitant, please remember the death of Dairserk. He was a talented and famous magician. But what happened to him? He was murdered by those who once faithfully served him. Even Dairserk, who treated them fairly met a cruel death.

Are you just going to look idly while they discover more of our secrets? Send out a declaration to all of the Kingdoms and have all adventurers and armies capture them. We must completely get rid of them in order to avoid any further disaster. However, we should only punish the Grim Reapers and not question the actions of their employers.

This is the only way to bring out the Grim Reapers who hides deep within the veil Omitted - Excerpt from a unknown letter. Male Slayer. Female Slayer. Female Fighter. Male Fighter. Male Gunner. Female Gunner. Demonic Lancer. Female Mage. Male Mage. Male Priest.

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  5. Jump to: navigation , search. None Inflict Status Effect? Kurt had been shot through the throat and must have been killed instantly. Later, when the HAM operator got Mrs. This is Mrs. Can I help you? Evers, Pete Gordon here. Evers interrupted. I just know he would love to talk to you. He recently got word that he will be shipping out to Korea in about three weeks. Pete was stunned. Words formed but no sound followed. Evers asked. Evers, give my best regards to Kurt.

    And you and Mr. He will be okay. Good-bye for now. And she should know. On the other hand, I know what I saw. And I saw Kurt, dead in the back of that truck. Am I going crazy? It has been hell the past two weeks. Pete was still exhausted the next morning when he rolled out of bed. He had slept fretfully, awakened every hour by fiendish nightmares.

    Boy, am I being ridiculous. I better get my mind back on the business at hand; my butt going out on patrol this morning, Pete thought. Thirty minutes later, Pete departed the camp. His mission was to reconnoiter a small North Korean village. Satellite images of the area revealed metallic emanations in the area of several large structures.

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    4. De Libris: Prose and Verse.
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    6. Headquarters suspected that large artillery pieces had been moved forward under the cover of darkness. Pete was on the move for thirty minutes, still about three miles from his objective, when the trail suddenly made a one hundred degree turn to the right, easing around a ten foot boulder on the left. As he passed the boulder he heard a barely audible moan. He raised his carbine, eased around the boulder, and came face- to- face with another American soldier who also had his rifle at the ready.

      Recognition, friend-to-friend, was immediate and both men lowered their weapons. Pete saw that the man had taken twoshots; one to his left thigh and another which had taken half of his left knee. He had lost a lot of blood and his one leg was useless. The large pool of blood that collected where he had lain indicated he had probably been wounded two or three days earlier.

      Pete instructed the man to lie down and rest. He knew he would have to physically carry him back to the base camp. Pete knew he had to keep the man awake. Pete recognized the unit as the one that had suffered significant losses in the first major push by the North Koreans. I have no parents. I never had parents. The dead man in the truck was not who he was. Now, this man was nobody, no parents and not who he was.

      An hour and a half later, Pete stumbled into camp carrying the injured man on his back, ready to drop from exhaustion. The medics treated his wounds and gave him blood. Pete was relieved when his Company Commander sent word that another scout would be sent out and that Pete should get some rest. Pete did rest. He slept most of the afternoon and only got out of bed to eat-- then back to bed where he remained for the next ten hours. Pete was awakened the next morning by a group of excited troops talking about an explosion that happened that morning.

      Pete returned to his cot, sat on the edge, shaking his head in disbelief. How could the supply vehicle get through safely and then, an hour later, a jeep hit a landmine? We are in a war zone and you have to expect the unexpected. Evers was on the line. Evers, Pete here sir. How are you? He was on his way back from picking up his travel orders for Korea when his brakes apparently gave out in a turn and he crashed into an over-pass concrete pillar.

      He was killed instantly and his body burned beyond recognition. Two Army Personal Affairs types came to the house last evening to inform us that Kurt had been killed in action--in Korea five days earlier. It was all quite strange and somewhat prophetic. Please give Mrs. First, I see my best friend dead in the back of a truck in Korea and then I learn that this same friend was killed in a car accident in Louisiana days later. Pete edged up slowly and peered out on the battlefield that stretched as far as the eye could see. The barrel of the main gun belched out a loud report, followed by a projectile.

      Almost immediately, Pete felt the ground shudder as the explosion ripped open the earth less than seventy-five meters directly in front of him. As Pete was running, he heard a second loud report. He dove for cover just as the projectile made a direct hit on a Humvee less than twenty meters away. Shards of metal and glass flew in all directions.

      Pete felt a jarring, searing pain in his left arm and hand as he hit the ground. His left arm would not follow his command. Two fingers were missing on his left hand and an eight-inch, jagged piece of metal was protruding from his forearm. The Captain just got a call and tactical air support will be here in twelve minutes.

      Pete passed out just as a medic reached him, less than two minutes before the close air arrived. Thirty minutes later, Pete was on his way to the base camp, an IV replacing the blood left in the foxhole. Three days later, Pete was evacuated to a hospital in Seoul. The Department of Defense DOD has had more than a few classified research projects that have been leaked to the public.

      Hidden away in a remote part of Hawaii, this facility houses a large laboratory and was initially charted and funded to conduct DNA research. The use of DNA for identifying the remains of human beings was still in its infancy. The military leadership was concerned with addressing the need to locate and identify the great number of military members still unaccounted for since World War II. Even though the military wanted a military officer responsible for the facility, they were overruled and Doctor Bryan Phipps, a well known, DC beltway civilian was selected as the first Director.

      He had oversight of several significant research studies and analysis projects and, most importantly, he was highly respected in both military and commercial circles. A compromise of sorts was reached with the appointment of a military officer as a deputy director to Doctor Phipps. The large lab and budget attracted many talented research scientists, most notably, Doctor George Powers. Whereas Dr. Phipps was a Ph.

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      Powers was a physician, microbiologist, and geneticist by both education and experience. Powers was not just a talented scientist; he was an extremely ambitious man. Under his leadership, the DNA research progressed rapidly—too rapidly. Before long, Powers had relegated most of the administrative responsibilities to Phipps. He was left to direct the daily operations of the DNA lab. The lab not only managed to meet their objectives, they exceeded them.

      The DNA lab developed procedures for receiving samples from newly recruited military members, processing each sample, and cataloging them for use in a database until they were needed. In time however, Doctor Powers became obsessed with reducing the need for men in combat. He convinced a reluctant Phipps that the lab could create surrogates to fight in battle, in place of men.

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      Initially, Phipps refused the arguments of Powers. To take such a view and to raise them to fight as soldiers is not much different than raising cattle for the slaughterhouse, is it? When those remains are brought to us to identify, the remains will be identified as a military member who already exists. What then? More specifically, members who have died are our first choice.