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Roughly speaking, with all the factors stacked against you, the odds of finding a pearl are not in your favor: about 1 in 12, Leave wild mollusks be and let them get on with their business of keeping our rivers and oceans clean. Readers of Spey know: we love a good party, especially when it celebrates art in Washington. We were all the more delighted, then, to join….

You know what they say: April showers bring Spey umbrellas. Our exquisitely elegant umbrellas are popping up across Washington — a sign the spring season…. Most pearls used in oyster-opening parties are freshwater pearls, which are implanted into used oysters right before packaging. The pearls are real, but unfortunately, they are often misrepresented as being the more valuable saltwater pearls.

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Quality: Freshwater pearls used for oyster-opening parties are of regular quality and luster. Colors: Freshwater pearls come in a wide variety of pastel colors such as peach, pink, purple, bronze, champagne, as well as white. Pearls are often dyed green, silver, black, or dark gold to meet market demand. Saltwater Akoya oysters, on the other hand, can produce exquisite pearl colors, such as silver-blue, but these are very expensive due to their high quality and scarcity. Party hosts attach a value to the pearls based on a chart where colors like blue-silver and black are appraised higher.

What Are the Odds of Finding a Pearl in the Wild? Spey Co.

Participants often have the false perception that they are buying high-value Akoya pearls for a bargain price, when in fact they are getting dyed freshwater pearls. Addictive nature: These parties can also be quite addictive.


Say for example that the oyster you bought delivers one black pearl, which you would like to use for a pair of earrings. You might be tempted to buy more oysters until you find a similar pearl to complete the pair. The sad truth is that you can get complete earring sets of much higher quality and at lower prices in your desired color and design from a pearl jeweler. Oyster meat: This one is probably obvious, but worth a mention.

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The oysters used at these parties are not fresh, and therefore not edible. Oysters are often chemically treated to keep them from spoiling. Their meat is harmful if ingested. Will you be attending an oyster-opening party? Tell us by leaving a comment. Glenda Felts June 4, I would really like to start selling pearls.. The pearls are massive!

So big! The colours are amazing.

No foul smell oysters are fresh and not to much liquid. Will order again. I added a picture of the 5 set from the same seller advertised as smaller.

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These are much bigger! I bought the 5pc and its exactly what to expect!!

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Beautiful pearls, lost a star due to being small sized, they were all between mm. The colours were very pretty. These are very cool, I bought five and had four pink and one mostly white pearl inside.