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When Jesus calls God a father, we might think this is another metaphor: that God, while not being an actual human father, shares some similarities to earthly dads. But as Pastor Gene Veith writes, we should see God as the actual, literal father. My daughter Mikayla recently showed me some photos she'd taken. There were pictures of flowers and horses, along with a series of snapshots I can only describe as "sisters jumping down stairs.

God the Father

Hasn't every photographer, whatever their level of expertise, thought something similar? I tell my kids that just as a photograph can never capture the full experience of something, the pictures we have available to understand God are limited by our inherent inability to recognize the depth of His glory and goodness.

The image of an earthly father, as a way of understanding God, is a good picture — and it's made clearer the better dads do their jobs — but it is still just a partial glimpse at something much bigger.

God is the actual, literal Father. To help kids understand this, we can highlight the following five truths, which paint a profound yet still incomplete! He is the source of life. Fathers have an important part in contributing to the life of children. As you lead your kids, help them recognize how their heavenly Father is the source of all life.

Visit zoos, aquariums and arboretums together, enjoying the vast spectrum of life that wouldn't exist without our Creator Father. Emphasize also that following God's plan is the path to abundant life John And when we accept His Son as our Savior, we are given new life — adopted into the Father's family Romans He lovingly corrects us. As the true Father, God's discipline and correction are always done out of love Hebrews Help your kids recognize the ways that God's Spirit corrects us in our everyday decisions and interactions with others, how we can feel Him prodding us toward decisions that reflect His love and truth, and how we feel convicted when we choose to disobey.

He provides for our needs. Show your kids all the ways God provides for our needs. Celebrate rainstorms and apple trees and lakes full of fish.

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How much joy the true Father must receive when we enjoy all the good gifts that He has provided through creation Matthew He gives us His wisdom. We help our kids learn life skills and encourage them in their gifts and talents. But help them see that true wisdom comes from our heavenly Father. His inspired Word is the ultimate source of wisdom and truth 2 Timothy d. He always welcomes us back.

We forgive our children when they mess up, and we try to help them make better choices in the future.

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Help your kids recognize that this is just a glimpse of God's role in our lives. He is the ultimate model of forgiveness. We all mess up, but our true Father is constantly on watch for our return, running to us with joy when we turn back to His family Luke Offers soon-to-be dads and new dads a head start on the stuff a father really needs to know. Part of the The Trinity Series God And we ask the Holy Spirit to unite us and make us holy in the blood of Christ, whom the Father sent to save us. Listen to them here. Please read our Comments Policy before posting. Arkansas Catholic subscribers have access to more stories.

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