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But the real attraction of the fairytale for children lies elsewhere, he believes. They like stories in which the good people are rewarded, and the bad punished. And that's a characteristic certainly of the Grimm tales, and of many other folk tales too. There is other stuff children love about them too, of course: "They like the golden hair coming down from the tower, they like the little girl being chased by the wolf, all of that. But if Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the wolf and that was the end of the story, they wouldn't like it.

It doesn't matter, though, that the punishments meted out to the bad people can sometimes be rather harsh. People have their heads chopped off or their eyes pecked out, or get shoved into barrels filled with sharp nails. Really, they're just funny: 'Ooh, bet that hurt. Serve them right! Fairytales are oral; they beg to be told. This is actually quite important. A long time ago, when he was training future teachers he started out as a school teacher himself , Pullman used to ask them to "get a few stories into their heads" well enough to be able to tell them to a class without referring to the book.

I understand that.

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Do without it. And without exception, he says, it worked. Maybe as many as there are weeks in a school year.

But you can build up your stock, your treasury, by looking at books. You need to "get a little story in your head, and get it there well enough to tell it without making any big mistakes. Rehearse it. That's what I used to do, out walking the dog. Then tell it. Doesn't matter if it's to a child or a grandchild [Pullman has four, aged from two to 11], to children at a party, or to children in the back of the car who you're taking to the pool.

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I did exciting things and dangerous things, but not funny things. But the way you learn that is by doing it. Important as storytelling should be, though, it should not replace the bedtime book, Pullman believes. Just the sharing time, with the child and the book; and letting the book absorb the attention of the child, getting a bit scuffed, the pages being a bit ripped, scribbled on perhaps. When you read a storybook to a child: "Don't skip the pictures. But why exactly are the storybook, and the story, so crucially important? But the most basic thing of all is your attitude to language.

I can't begin to express how important that is; the most important thing of all. With dynamic illustrations, The Adventures of Sparrowboy is an award-winning book that introduces a new superhero who takes the neighbourhood under his wing and saves the day.

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Superhero by Marc Tauss. Yasmin the Superhero by Saadia Faruqi.

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Pakistani-American Yasmin is ready to be a Superhero! Now she just needs a villain to defeat! On her search for a villain, she meets lots of lovely people and realizes that she might not need a villain to wield her superpowers. One day Freddie Ramos comes home from school and finds a strange box just for him.

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Inside he finds Zapato Power-shoes that change his life by giving him super speed! After years of being homeschooled by her super-genius inventor parents, Ellie starts at a public school. She is super excited to finally hang out with normal kids and learn normal things but soon realizes that her superpowers make her stand out. Can Ellie save the world and fit in with her new friends? An Extra-Ordinary Girl is a fun and dynamic read that kids everywhere will love! The Gumazing Gum Girl!

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Gabby Gomez loves to chew bubble gum, everywhere and all the time. One day a freak incident turns her into a sticky, stretchy superhero. Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero! Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol.

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Meet Lunella Lafayette, a preteen super genius who wants to change the world but learns the hard way that it takes more than just big brains. During the day, either at home or school, kids can experience heightened levels of the stress hormone cortisol in response to new and potentially frightening situations. By being in a safe place—like their bed—and hearing a familiar story, their cortisol levels will decrease. Sterling K.

And whether kids understand it or not, repetition is offering tremendous benefits for their intelligence. Speaking with Parents. For example, when a parent reads the classic The Monster at the End of This Book , a child who has heard the story once will anticipate that the narrator, Grover, is the titular monster. Repetition has also been shown to increase children's vocabulary.

By not having to concentrate on the narrative twists and turns, kids can focus on identifying and learning new words. In one small study conducted in England, two groups of 3-year-olds were read stories that had made-up words like sprock or coodle in four different parts of the story. One group heard the same story three times. Another group heard three different stories, all with the same made-up words. That means each child heard the words 12 times total. Although the frequency was the same, kids hearing the same story throughout the week were able to remember the words both immediately and after a delay of a few days or more.

Eventually, you will want to set a favorite book aside.

But parents should take some solace in the fact that all of that ponderous repetition is doing someone in the room a lot of good. Germany to return Nazi-stolen painting to Florence. Doubles trouble: Murray admits it will be tough to face brother. How to get a good sleep during a heatwave. Man comes back to life after being 'dead'. Wildfires, power cuts plague Europe as heatwave breaks records.