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Life was not easy and there were no holidays or luxuries but we always had enough and, I believe, some security. I now enjoy my retirement and have activities that keep me busy. But I feel unhappy about my relationship with my daughter. She will never comment on what I do or the clothes I wear, as if it is of no interest. When I give an opinion on whatever subject, she treats it with disdain or contradicts it. I am proud of her. She is intelligent, very decent and hard working and has recently had a well-deserved promotion, which meant a considerably better salary.

I assume that she is not happy about the lack of prospect of ever settling and having a family in London. She and her partner will never earn enough. For my part, I end up finding our time together boring. Should I keep on seeing her regularly at home or out, or should I leave it for the time being?

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I wish there were manuals about how to deal with adult children! The first thing that struck me about your letter — which was imbued with sadness — was the great expectations you had, and have, of your daughter. So much emphasis on her, but so little on your son — relegated to a mere mention.

30 Times When I Just Don't Feel Like I'm Enough For My Daughter

I wondered about when she was born, what happened, who supported you, what sort of mother you were, versus the sort of mother you wanted to be; how you yourself were mothered … a lot of questions, but so relevant. They are born adoring, and with fairly basic needs. Guilt is often the enemy of confident parenting; it can rob a parent of the ability to shrug off mistakes which we all make. Instead, some might start to project all that on to their children.

Your husband died when you were still very young and your daughter heartbreakingly young. Did she, or you, ever get bereavement counselling?

4 Reasons You Grew Up Feeling Not Good Enough

It must have been an incredibly difficult time. Was your daughter close to her father? I wonder if, inadvertently, you have tried to get her to fill his place your remark about expecting her to comment on your clothes. Relationships shift in families when a parent dies. Such a person constantly feels that they have way less control over their life than they factually do because they were meticulously controlled as children.

In psychology, this phenomenon is sometimes called learned helplessness. As a response to these childhood adversities, people develop various psychological defenses and survival mechanisms. Some become people-pleasers who self-sacrifice because they were raised to take care of others and repress their true needs, emotions, interests, and preferences.

A Letter from a Father to His ‘Not Good Enough’ Daughter - Chastity

Others become highly narcissistic and see other human beings only as objects to use. Others can never stay in the moment or stop to relax, as it always feels like they have to do or have more. Some others get stuck in a constant state of feeling like a helpless victim and live a very passive life. Something always feels wrong: you feel not enough, your life feels not enough, there is always something to worry about, you always feel you have to try extra hard, it is difficult to find true contentment, and so on. Letting go of old defense mechanisms and roles can be enormously challenging, to the degree that a lot of people are never able to do it.

However, those who strive to better themselves and overcome their painful upbringing eventually are able to see some rewards of their strenuous self-work, all of which bring an authentic sense of happiness. Did you recognize any of this in your own upbringing?

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How did it affect you? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Darius Cikanavicius is an author, educator, mental health advocate, and traveler.

Darius has worked professionally with people from all over the world as a psychological consultant and a certified life coach. His main areas of expertise and interest are childhood trauma, self-esteem, self-care, perfectionism, emotional well-being, narcissism, belief systems, and relationships. For more information about Darius, his work, and his contact information please visit selfarcheology.

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About the Blog Archives. You were held to unrealistic standards and falsely blamed Adults often hold children to highly unrealistic standards. You were compared to others Parents and other authority figures often compare their child to others in order to make them feel bad about themselves and change their behavior.

You were taught to feel helplessness Some children are raised to stay dependent way beyond their years. The effects of such childhood environment As a response to these childhood adversities, people develop various psychological defenses and survival mechanisms.

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Not good enough. Daughters of narcissist mothers

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