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The level of training and support you will receive is unequalled in the industry. CAMP is the one. Our team has decades of experience managing and consulting for community associations, large and small alike. We have managed complicated community and developer issues, complex budgeting and reporting requirements, extensive physical plant maintenance issues, capital projects and highly sensitive homeowner situations.

In addition, our team has trained literally hundreds of managers and volunteers throughout the industry and developed systems and protocols that remain the industry standard today. At CAMP we are grateful for all our good fortune.

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Office managers are often a good resource for detailed information about a professional and their products and services. I have met so many wonderful professionals as part of this journey. They have provided a lot of value to my son Jeff.

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However, there was a small percentage of professionals that were either having a bad day or just not what I hoped for as an advisor in the process. Bottom line: follow your gut feeling. If something does not feel right, ask questions. If something does not go well, let their office know immediately.

Not every appointment can be perfect every time.

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At a minimum, professionals are paid for their time, products, or services and the experience should be at minimum—professional! Now, this is a lot of advice to absorb. But many times, I do hours of research before I actually make an appointment. I find that with each professional I talk to, I gain more insight on how to help my son.

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They each have provided a crucial piece of the puzzle and input on a treatment plan for Jeff. And each day Jeff improves—so these appointments and headaches are not a waste of time, but time well spent. I hope this input provides your family with some things to consider in making professional interactions successful for you and your child. Having the diagnoses of autism, apraxia, and auditory processing issues, our team of specialists are many and include: a pediatrician, neuropsychologist, learning specialist, speech pathologist, occupational therapists, behavioral supervisor, audiologist, special education attorney and other professionals.

Scheduling, getting on wait lists, tracking open items, treatment plans, annual or more frequent follow-up blood tests, and future events is enough to boggle the mind of the most organized of organizers — let alone keep track of a team! You have the right for you and your child to be treated with respect and dignity. You have the right to fully evaluate and look into a professional prior to securing an appointment. You have the right to provide information for a report or correct errors in a report prepared by a professional. Some General Miss Manners Be on time for appointments or call ahead when running late.

Be prepared. Fill out questionnaires ahead of time — send appropriate file and report information prior to your appointment.

Managing Technical Professionals and Organizations

Be kind to staff — starting on the right foot with a smile can make a huge difference. Turn off your cell phone! What is the specialist known for?

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How did you hear about them? What did you like least about the specialist? How timely are they with necessary reports and follow up information?

Managing Professionals

The annual performance review is heading towards extinction, with top professional service firms like SAP, Accenture and even GE ditching the ritual. Most famously, Ricardo Semler of Semco in Brazil has more or less abolished management. It was a revolution that started when staff complained about the canteen: he let them organise it.

From there, he has gone on to let staff organise everything, including their own salaries, terms and conditions. This brave new world is unnerving for traditional managers who are used to command and control. The old paradigm was that managers communicated orders downwards and conveyed information back upwards. That has been rendered obsolete by technology, as well as better educated workforces who do not need to be closely controlled and managed. If bosses relinquish control of the photocopier key and all the other symbols of power, what is left for them to do? The answer is to become proper 21st century managers, doing work that really helps the team and the firm.

In practice, that means you need to concentrate on just four things that make a difference. If you are going to make a difference, you have to take people where they would not have got by themselves.

Managing Professionals in Organisations | International Journal of Manpower | Vol 8, No 2

Be bold. Set a stretching and meaningful challenge. Professionals will rise to the challenge. If you do not stretch them, you will have trouble: a bored professional is a dangerous one. When bored they have time to grumble and plot. When stretched, they may still grumble but they will be too busy rising to the challenge to cause real problems.

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