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The condition or the circumstances for selling If you need your house SOLD in a day, a week, a month or even longer We will work with you to find a solution YOU like and everyone is happy. So, as soon as you are ready We Can Buy It. A smart option may be a short sale. A short sale can help relieve your heavy burden. You get to avoid all the mental torment and the huge added expense of the foreclosure process. Let us discuss all your choices and options for your individual situation. Take immediate action. Many people are so overwhelmed they just give up That will just make things worse!

There are many challenges in and we want to answer any questions and solve your situation fast. Don't walk away from your home or give the keys back to the mortgage company until you learn all the facts. Don't Give Up!

What Is a Short Sale?

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A good attorney can also help you negotiate with the lender to avert unpleasant consequences of a foreclosure sale. The quicker you hire a lawyer, the lesser you are in trouble.


The sheriff gets an order of sale from the court. He or she can ask the sheriff to evict you. This is for any discrepancy between whatever amount you owed on mortgage and the foreclosure sale price of the house. Remember, the whole foreclosure process, from filing to entering judgment of sale, is against you.

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You must hire a lawyer as soon as you receive foreclosure complaint from the court. The truth is: no lender wants to file a foreclosure. This is a costly process, as the lender themselves need to hire an attorney.